35 years on

I was there then and I was there again.

I was there in 1970 at Festival Studios in Paternoster Row when Kahvas Jute’s seminal album Wide Open was recorded, and I was there again thirty five years later at The Basement gig where the band revisited and reworked some of the material from that first album, as well as showcasing new songs that somehow fitted seamlessly with what had gone before. At the same time, these new songs offer a logical and natural evolutionary movement into a second album, as if the intervening years were merely a glitch in the creative timestream.


Latest News
Wide Open cover

There will be a Kahvas Jute "triple pack" (Live DVD, re-mastered 1971 album "Wide Open" with bonus tracks and the live album from the July 17th, 2005 get together at "The Basement"). Keep your eyes peeled here for the release date. We hope to do some more shows, and later, some more recording.


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